Simon Abrahms is the proud owner of The Chesterfield Gallery. Established back in 2011, The Chesterfield Gallery has transitioned from West Hartford, Connecticut to Northampton, Massachusetts. More recently, as of 2016, The Chesterfield Gallery to on a new residency in the Lower East Side of New York, near both new, up-and-coming galleries and established galleries, as well as some phenomenal restaurants and bars. In addition to the exhibits on site, the Gallery also sends works to art shows across the country and, possibly soon, overseas. The Chesterfield Gallery showcases, sells, and promotes the works of glassblowers and multi-medium artists who work with glass.

Simon Abrahms is the owner of New York based gallery, The Chesterfield Gallery.

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A previous exhibit in the Gallery was “Lit!”, a multi-media show featuring painting, sculpture, and digital art, as well as, of course, glass blowing. The exhibit took on the topic of marijuana usage in American culture including a variety of different lenses, and addressing the changing perceptions of marijuana use over time. Previous exhibits have aslo included “Holy Talk,” which looks at everyday religious phrases such as “Oh, my God!” and “pray tell”; and “Simon Says,” a showcase of international glassblower artists.

Artists who have been featured in the Chesterfield Gallery come from the United States, Canada, Japan, and Italy, and include Sidney Hutter, Chris Ahalt, Ben Young, Christopher Windsor, Yoshinori Kondo, and Joshua Bernbaum. They are generally recognized by fellow glassblowers or glass collectors, but not widely within the rest of the contemporary art scene. As the gallery owner, Simon Abrahms hopes to change that by attracting curious visitors and getting press nationwide. This is a very exciting time for glassblower, as the form is becoming much more well-known and celebrated, as well as much more frequently practiced. The number of flameworkers has tripled in the United States in the past few years, and Abrahms hopes to showcase up and coming artists at The Chesterfield Gallery.

Visitors to the Chesterfield Gallery are encouraged to ask questions, and even ask to touch the exhibits, many of which are stronger than they look and very interestingly textured. Although it sells it works, the Chesterfield Gallery is much more than an art seller for Simon Abrahms. It exists to educate people about the works it exhibits.